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The ‘Edo’ kimono-style silk dressing gown is the first garment that I’ve created that is for both men and women.

The motivation for creating a unisex product came from the feedback I received where it emerged that the gowns were being worn just as much by the partners of the men who originally bought them. This obviously has a lot to do with the universal appeal of wearing a pure silk robe. But I had always felt that the design of my existing gowns would be a little too traditionally masculine to appeal to women. Especially with the pronounced shawl collar and long length.

So, for the Edo gown I had the pattern altered. Making the collar much shallower and almost invisible, shortening the sleeves, removing the breast pocket completely and reducing the overall length so it now finishes much nearer the knee.

The ‘Edo’ is cut from a single piece of printed lightweight twill silk, including the belt and collar.

My thanks to Men’s Stylist Sarah Gilfillan from ‘Sartoria Lab’ and to Lifestyle Blogger Ravi Sagoo for modelling the gown.

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