The path of print for a Geoff Stocker design is a detailed and complex journey.


His designs are ‘engineered’ to the specific shape and size of a pocket square or scarf, in the same way an artist would compose a painting on canvas.

All designs are digitally printed onto a variety of silks. Satin for pocket squares, with its wonderful ability to capture perfect detail and for its lustrous feel. Twill for men’s scarves and dressing gowns, as it’s sumptuously traditional, mostly associated with neck ties.


These silks are carefully and ethically sourced from silk farms by the same trusted company that undertakes the digital printing. A family run business in the North of England who have successfully pioneered the transition from traditional screen to digital printing. This transformational technology allows a near limitless number of colours and tones to be rendered, enabling a remarkably exact translation of Geoff’s original designs to the finished fabric.


Environmentally, digital printing is a far greener process than traditional screen printing, with only the precise amount of ink required for the image being imparted. No harmful chemicals are needed in the washing. Additionally, the images intended for printing are computer screen generated, with no paper or paint involved. They are then transferred electronically, so there is less impact on the environment.

Geoff very much views his designs as works of art, created to complement the personality and individuality of the wearer.