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Geoff Stocker has emerged as one of the most creative and inspiring British luxury accessory designers this century.


His original designs, full of vibrant patterns so intricately derived, have won plaudits from respected media and industry figures and likened to ‘modern works of art’. Worn by celebrities and men who favour a deluxe take on traditional male accessories and acknowledged by influential media.

These print creations have been applied to iconic pieces: pocket squares and scarves using lustrous satin and twill silks. His dressing gown collection, the ultimate statement in contemporary luxury lifestyle launched in 2017.


The world of Geoff Stocker is inhabited by and led through design. Sumptuous and sensational, with currently over 50 pattern variations inspired by the arts, travel and culture that form part of his personal passions. His designs are unsurpassed in their complexity and masterful application of colour combinations.

The result is a matchless contemporary collection celebrating a truly British eclectic handwriting. Even the names evoke a journey steeped in cultural and historical references: Neo Victorian, Saxon, Rajah and Sultan.


The prints lend themselves to many applications and it’s the vison of Geoff to extend into other areas including socks, swimwear and beyond. Geoff’s complex designs lend themselves to a multitude of surfaces but they have to become part of that fabric, rather than sit on the surface. This is where the real challenge is; How the design interacts with the body that wears it.

The quintessential traditional men’s staples have been recipients of one of the most exciting reinventions and Geoff is at the vanguard of this revival with ambitions to always retain print design at the forefront of the brand.

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