The dressing gown has emerged as a stylish key component in the modern man’s wardrobe. The inspiration to create the collection originally came from Geoff’s travels to Japan, but are essentially rooted in a European tradition. Designed for men who embrace a relaxed style at home with a contemporary feel.

A Geoff Stocker silk dressing gown is a wardrobe investment for you to enjoy for many years. Every gown comes with an antiqued walnut wooden hanger that’s branded and a monogrammed ‘Geoff Stocker’ protective garment bag.

Using simplified packaging that’s kinder to the environment, containing a triple wall white shipping carton, with a waterproof cellophane sleeve covering the gown and corrugated recyclable cardboard for enhanced protection during transit.


This is the first collection of Gentleman’s Silk Dressing Gowns by Geoff Stocker. The range consists of 4 designs, each in two colourways.

The idea behind the collection came from a highly influential trip that Geoff took to Japan in early 2016. On his return it was his intention to create a range of Men’s Kimono, but after careful consideration he realised that the idea would be better served being translated into the European tradition. The Gentleman’s silk dressing gown has long been an iconic and luxurious garment, dating back easily to the 17th Century.

Each gown in the collection has a surface pattern design by Geoff which has been digitally printed onto a Lightweight Twill Silk. The style is classic, featuring a shawl collar and sash belt in plain silk. The gowns are designed, printed and fabricated entirely in England.

To celebrate the launch of the Dressing Gown Collection a short promotional video was commissioned featuring the renowned influencer David Evans of ‘Grey Fox Blog’.

The 'Filigree' silk pocket square by Geoff Stocker


The 'Saxon Swirl' silk pocket square by Geoff Stocker

Saxon Swirl

The 'Neutron' silk pocket square by Geoff Stocker


The 'Nova' silk pocket square by Geoff Stocker