Oscar Wilde once said “One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art”. With that in mind welcome to my first collection of Silk Dressing Gowns for Men.

It’s a been a fairly long journey from idea to product but it’s been worth it. It all began back in April 2016 after a wonderful holiday that my wife and I took in Japan. Whilst there we spent some time in Kanazawa, the home of Kaga Yuzen dyeing. A technique for painting on fabric that goes back 300 years. I saw some marvellous Kimonos and came back with my hand luggage bursting with silk and cotton handkerchiefs and my head full of ideas for making my own Kimono range.

After calming down somewhat I realised that there is a limited market for a product like that, and it would be a little crass of me to ‘borrow’ from another culture without being part of it. So, I translated the idea into the Western tradition, where the silk dressing gown has been around for a long time, dating back easily to the 17th Century.

This my first collection consists of 4 individual designs in a single colourway each. An additional colourway to each design will be added for Spring Summer next year, followed by a new collection in Autumn Winter 2018.

Each gown has a surface pattern of my own creation which has been digitally printed by R A Smart of Macclesfield onto a Lightweight Twill Silk. The gowns are then made by Fabrika of London. My great thanks to both of them for turning inspiration into reality.

To celebrate the launch of the Dressing Gown Collection I commissioned a short promotional video featuring David Evans of 'Grey Fox Blog'. My gratitude to David and to Wolf and Badger for the production.