The journey that led to Geoff launching his design label is as interesting and varied as the designs he creates.

Geoff Stocker passion for print across pocket squares

With a background in fine art, he was an early adopter of digital media, beginning in 1996 using Photoshop as a primary medium to produce limited edition prints of his abstract compositions, several of which were exhibited at the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

As an artist and lecturer in Digital Art, living in London, initially he had no plans to begin a label and for it to take off in the way it has. His passion for print combined with a deep interest in the visual arts of other cultures were the key foundations to his creative output.


With the advent of digital technology and his application of printing digitally onto fabric, it opened up a whole new spectrum and world of possibilities. Geoff was able to work in a new way with an emphasis on elaborate surface pattern creation with fashion textiles very much front of mind.

Experiments with silk began, which evolved into a set of designs for wearable items – pocket squares and scarves, gaining an exceptional reaction when worn and shown to others. This moment was pivotal; Geoff now seriously considered this as a full time commitment and the Geoff Stocker label, as we know it, was born.

Bringing Geoff Stocker to life through scarves, pocket squares and dressing gowns
Broad an eclectic silk accessories from Geoff Stocker

“As an artist it is my mission to create unique and original designs that appeal to both men and women who are looking to create an individual, stand out style for themselves. As such, my range of ideas is very broad and eclectic, taking influences from world culture and past art movements, coupled with my own background in abstract digital art”.

The Geoff Stocker brand was launched in April 2014 selling online and to independent Men’s stores in the UK.